Old Ned Ludd

from A teller of tales by Karl Dallas

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Old Ned Ludd
Hammer in his hand
No one’s seen his face
But they know he’s a working man
Like you and me,
like you and me.

Our ways are worth preserving
From the fact’ries’ noise and grime
We ought to work by the seasons
And not by the clocking-on time
We ought to live
Where the hills are grassy green
And not be a slave tied to the machine.

Old Ned Ludd
Told us what to do
Took his hammer to the mill
And he swung it high and true
With you and me,
with you and me.

I got 17 years transportation
For the work we did that night
And the people I left behind
Had to hide their face from the light
When I got back couldn’t see those grassy hills
For the piles of shit from their dreary mills.

Old Ned Ludd
Was sleeping down below
I knew that he was waiting
But no one told me so
For you and me,
for you and me.

My children’s children’s children
Say the works are running down
The time has come again
To see Ned’s hammer swinging round
If things don’t change
Someone’s gotta help them on
So we can see the rising sun.

Old Ned Ludd
Never going to die
He’s got a hundred thousand faces
And I know he’s standing by
He’s you and me,
he’s you and me.


from A teller of tales, released August 25, 2012


all rights reserved


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