Fire & Blood

from A teller of tales by Karl Dallas


Didn't we warn you?
When the storm blew
Through your towns and cities
Why was it a surprise?
What's it gonna take to open your eyes?
Fire and blood is coming
If that's what it takes to make a change.
Fire and blood,
Yeah yeah yeah,
Fire and blood
If that's what it takes to make a change.

The bankers robbed you of millions,
No, make that billions,
And you rewarded them with billions more.
That's when we decided it was war.
I scored a 3D telly from the local store
Cos everyone telling me my life was incomplete
So I grabbed this opportunity to grab my seat
In the front row of the me generation.
The beak gave me fifteen years.
Well spare your tears
Cos I've made a resolution
To turn their jails into
Universities of revolution.
Forget the SWP and the CPB
And all the other acronyms.
They've got nothing to say
That will put off the time that's coming
Don't you dare to think of slumming
The time of blood and fire
Yeah yeah yeah
Your future's gonna be dire
The time of blood and fire.

When the people of France arose
And sent the rich to lose their heads
There was just one test
Perhaps it wasn't the best
But keep it simple was the rule
Even a fool could understand:
Show us your hands.
That wouldn't work for us
Cos none of has worked for generations
So our hands are just as soft as yours.
That's no sensation.
If you got a Merc and we can't even afford a bike
Then we'll torch it.
If your shop windows are full of stuff we can't afford
Well thank the Lord
He gave us bricks and stones
To set the record straight
We can't wait
Any longer.
We're feeling strong
And getting stronger.
Don't ask us when
The time is now.
That's us you hear knocking on history's door
Cos this is war
A time of fire and blood
Yeah yeah yeah
Blood and fire.

The flames are mounting higher
Fire and blood
It's no good
Promising jam tomorrow
The time is now
Now's the time
And the time is good.
D'you hear me?
The time of blood and fire.
Join us or burn!
Join us or bleed!
Blood and fire
Yeah yeah yeah
Fire and blood.


from A teller of tales, released August 25, 2012


all rights reserved


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